Davis County Taxes – Issue Missed

I noticed an article a few days ago and and just got around to posting a link. Apparently, the North Salt Lake Mayor has come out strongly against the higher valuation on property bills and Davis County and the School District have also come out with a ‘rebate’ plan on the valuation.

The problem is that they all are missing the key issue (DCW has also noticed this). The valuations are just a symptom of the disease of higher taxes. So government bodies are jumping to ease the valuation, while preserving the tax increase. Essentially, it appears to be an attempt to cloud the public’s vision of the driving force for the increases. They are trying to mollify taxpayers by letting you see a slight reduction on the valuation of property. The various government layers ultimately hope that the tax increases will go unnoticed and, ultimately, unquestioned and unopposed (particularly avoiding a Utah version of Prop 13).

Remember, too, that not all are affected by the valuations. Those, primarily in North Davis County, who have not had their valuations increase, will have still have their taxes increased. The above proposals by the County and Schools only help South Davis County.

Basically, it appears that the government is trying to focus taxpayers on one hand (with a couple of bucks in it) while the other hand remains in your wallet.

PS If you are interested in fighting you valuation, check out North Salt Lake’s site. Remember, however, this is a very short term aid. For an actual, longterm solution, focus on the taxes.

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