Davis County & Board of Ed Opt for Gimmick, Increase Taxes

Yeah, I’m two days late on this. DCW is much more efficient than I.  Excerpted from the linked article:

Davis County Commissioners voted today to adopt the 37 percent tax increase approved last December.

The commission also approved a letter of intent to provide $5.5 million in one-time tax abatement to homeowners hit especially hard by skyrocketing property valuations.

In other words, the Commission opted to keep their hands in your wallet but gave you a couple of bucks for the trouble. Ultimately, they seem to hope taxpayers will be pacified by a short term gimmick while the long term tax increase remains (more on that at this post). The gimmick may also be an attempt to interdict any movement towards a “Prop 13” variant.

Apparently, the Davis Board of Education has also bought into the gimmick and passed its tax increase (don’t buy the article’s headline – it’s a valuation break).

If anything, all three Commissioners (Hansen, Downs, Millburn) are now, officially, on the record of supporting the tax increase.


5 thoughts on “Davis County & Board of Ed Opt for Gimmick, Increase Taxes

  1. As nice as it may sound to someone really upset with property taxes there is virtually no chance whatsoever of a Prop 13 in Utah. Besides being a stupid idea that penalizes growing families it would require that the realtors who own our legislature relent on removing Utah’s status as a non-disclosure state for real estate transactions. It will never happen.

    I agree with you that the abatement scheme is little more than a gimmick to placate angry voters. The worst thing about it is that it perpetuates inequities in the way the tax burden is distributed in Davis County. Bountiful has been getting away with paying far less than its share of the tax burden for years. This abatement stretches that inequity out one more year.

  2. Sorry for the ‘hit and run’ comment. I should have held off.

    I’ve mentioned Prop 13 because everyone understands it as increased citizen control of taxation. That, by no means, should be interpreted that I support or we should adopt an exact copy of the California version of Prop 13 (hence my use of “‘Prop 13’ variant“). We would be far better served tailoring a provision to our State.

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