Farmington Slaps Down RAP Tax

A minor amount of good news on the tax front:

The resolution to submit a ballot question for Farmington residents that would impose sales and use tax within the city to fund a Performing Arts Center was turned down by city council members Tuesday night.

Reading the article indicates the council may have tried to run with it if we weren’t already in the middle of a tax outcry.

I still don’t understand when we went from asking our neighbors to help out in projects to forcing everyone to pay for our pastimes. Even service groups like the Lion’s Club are often seen more as funding sources for snappy pro-tax brochures (ala Recreation Center) rather than a way to garner voluntary community support for a project.

This comes from someone who has hobbies that could benefit from the RAP tax, but I would never dream of forcing someone else to subsidize (or entirely pay for) my hobby.

If your personal hobby is so great, then you should have no problem getting the community to voluntarily fund it.

In the meantime, the County Commission and the Davis School District (click for separate stories) continue to try to pass off its temporary valuation break as a tax break. Sorry, I’m not buying it and I’m not the only one.


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