RAP Tax Proponents

So who are the rap tax proponents? While the article (Group gets ready to help RAP) doesn’t give too many specifics, one thing loud and clear is that local government appears to be the spokesman. I wonder how many other government officials and direct beneficiaries are also part of this group (emphasis added):

“Arts really are the glue that holds a community together,” said Centerville Mayor Ronald Russell, who is donating personal time in order to be part of the association. No business or city time or resources can be used for the campaign, so everyone involved has been donating their free time.

“We’ll have lawn signs, fliers, brochures, the whole thing,,” said Rodgers Memorial Theater Director Bill Davis, who is also donating his time to the association.

So far they have collected about $12, 500 and pledging their time. Ultimately they are going for $25,000 which could have been donated to their interests. I find it interesting that, they have no problem volunteering time  and raising thousands to force everyone to pay for their hobbies – why not volunteer time and save your money (like the rest of us) and pay/build it yourself?

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