General Petraeus Testimony (links)

I had intended on covering or providing some reasonable links to the Gen. Petraeus testimony. Obviously that hasn’t developed (things have been quite busy on my end). Since I’ve basically “dropped the ball” on this, please go to HotAir (click here for posts relating to Gen. Petraeus) for a quick rundown on some of the testimony including video, Politico has also been trying to keep up with testimony transcripts (I think some can also be found on FreeRepublic including links to live audio/video streams). CSPAN also has live and recent video.

Not to be missed is the continued disparaging of Gen. Petraeus (I alluded to it in this post as well). HotAir has some more information on the despicable MoveOn “General Betray Us” campaign (see this post for MoveOn’s continuing attack on the General).

4 thoughts on “General Petraeus Testimony (links)

  1. why even have a blog if you just link to hotair constantly, we can get there ourselves, or not (some of us are scared of michelle malkin, ick)

  2. 1. This is my blog and I am entitled to run it the way I wish. If you don’t like Malkin, so what? Don’t click the link.

    2. By a quick count, in the last few months I’ve put up about 25 posts. I’ve only linked HotAir on 4 of them. Constantly? I don’t think so.

  3. ok, so rather than looking just at hotair, look at hotair, malkin, and freerepublic, i’m guessing you’ve got about 145 posts (351 tags in categories, last 30 posts average 2.4 tags/post, that comes down somewhere in the 145 post range). in those posts google finds:
    Results 1 – 10 of about 38 from for hotair.
    Results 1 – 10 of about 211 from for malkin.
    Results 1 – 10 of about 210 from for freerepublic.

    so you’re right, not hotair, but malkin and freerepublic a lot, my bad.

  4. Um…

    I’m guessing you tried to link up you search string and it didn’t work. Running my own “google search” reveals that most of the result totals (38, 211, 210) are related to the fact that the searched keywords (“malkin”, “freerepublic”, etc) are linked up in the blogroll and not in an actual post.

    I guess my point #1 makes this all a moot discussion. I would expect any blogger to run their blog as it pleases them. This blog is for my fun. I’m not going to limit how often or rarely I link to any particular site.

    As Napoleon Dynamite say: “Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!”

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