The DREAM Act (S 774): Backdoor Amnesty

I’m a bit behind on this one as it has been running on other sites, news articles, and blogs for a couple of days. Nevertheless, there is still time to act on it.

NRO’s Kate O’Beirne provides brief background on what this bill will do:

Under the DREAM Act, applicants for amnesty who claim to be enrolled in a community college, technical school, or university will receive immediate “conditional” legal status. Sound familiar? The Migration Policy Institute estimates that about 1.3 million illegal aliens will be eligible for the amnesty. Because the act’s provisions are retroactive, additional illegal aliens will also qualify. Along with illegal aliens who have graduated from high school or completed a G.E.D., any illegal alien, regardless of age, who initially came here illegally before age 16 and meets the education provisions qualifies for a green card and eventual citizenship. As green-card holders, they can all sponsor their illegal alien parents for green cards. To accommodate DREAM Act aliens and their parents, numerical limits on green cards are lifted.

More detailed background and information can also be found on this article: A Sleeper Amnesty: Time to Wake Up from the DREAM Act. This bill will also, likely, give illegal immigrants amnesty from any identity theft they engaged in (see here, here, and here).

It is worth noting that this is not a stand alone bill per se. It is to be an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization bill. This bill is also the first installment of amnesty provisions. “Later in the month, senators will attempt to extend amnesty to agricultural workers.”

I’ve already called Senators Hatch and Bennett. Thus far, they both refuse to take a position on the issue. Hatch has supported (and sponsored) the DREAM act in the past and Bennett voted for cloture (see here and here) in this year’s amnesty bill.

It would be wise to take action and politely, but firmly, ask Senator Bennett (202-224-5444 or Utah Offices ) and Senator Hatch (202-224-5251 or Utah offices) to OPPOSE the “Dream Act”. It is also fine to ask their office if the Senator has taken a position on the bill, yet.

Click here for a listing of all Senators (and contact information).

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