Property Tax Action Alert (Davis County) (Update)

As I recall, in the recent past, county representatives had stated that the one-time tax abatement plan they proposed would be automatic. This is NOT the case. You will need to apply for the ‘refund’:

The one-time property tax relief offered to some Davis County homeowners is not automatic. This new detail became an important clarification highlighted Friday when representatives of the Utah State Tax Commission met with Davis County authorities.

“An application must be completed and a signature is required,” said Steve Rawlings, Davis County Clerk/Auditor, noting a distinction must be made between the market value appeals process and the equity abatement process. The deadline for market value appeals has passed and the deadline for equity abatements has yet to be announced. Residents are encouraged to go to the county’s Web site for updates.

Here is a link to the Davis County Website. Remember, if you contact Mr. Rawlings or Mr. Ivie, please be polite. Be especially nice to Mr. Ivie – he’s taken a tremendous amount of unwarranted flak for doing his job (assessing). He has absolutely nothing to do with the tax increases (responsibility for the increases lies with the Davis Co. School District, Mosquito Abatement, and County Commissioners).

Finally, do not forget that this is a one time program and not any sort of long term solution. The tax increases stand after this one-shot program is used up:

“We consider this as a one-time fix for one year,” said Rawlings.

UPDATE: I understand (at this time) that cards will be sent out to those qualifying for the abatement and the same cards may be used as the application (see the mannjj comment).   I’m not sure when they will go out, however – obviously, things probably need to be worked out with the tax commission etc first.


2 thoughts on “Property Tax Action Alert (Davis County) (Update)

  1. Great post.

    For the record:

    It is anticipated that everyone who qualifies for the abatement will receive a card in the mail with their tax notice that they can sign and return to the county. This card will serve as their application for the abatement.

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