Utah: Choice Destination for Illegal Immigrants

I found a USA Today article from four or five days ago (see: “Illegal immigrants moving out“). Here’s a highlight:

The three lived in Aurora, Colo., when Sanchez was fired from her job as district manager of a fast-food chain after she couldn’t provide a valid Social Security number. [ie she either didn’t have one or used a stolen SSN that didn’t match her name – Utah doesn’t require employer ID verification, Colorado does]

Colorado has approved several immigration measures. One gives employers 20 days to check and photocopy documents such as driver’s licenses and Social Security cards, which new workers present to prove their legal status.

Because of the laws, Sanchez, her sister and nephew left five months ago. “I moved to Utah because they don’t have the same laws here,” she says.

Colorado has enacted tough laws (including employment verification). Utah continues to shrug off the identity theft associated with illegal immigrants and is becoming a much bigger magnet due to our inaction. We seem satisfied with selling off our children’s identities (see here, here, and here too) for cheap labor (Governor Huntsman doesn’t seem to have much problem with it). It appears that we’ll have plenty more sources of illegal labor on our children’s back. Unless we begin to act as surrounding states have, we can expect the problem to increase at a much higher rate.

For more information, there are plenty of links etc on my “Identity Theft” category.

If you are concerned about someone using your ID or your child’s identity (SSN, in particular) click here on what you can do (remember, your annual credit report by itself is not a good indicator of ID theft – see page 3, especially).

For more information on DHS’s employment verification programs click on the “ICE EEV (Verify Employment) Faq” and “ICE IMAGE (Verify I-9) Program” links in the ‘Blogroll’ (right side of this page). See also “Utah ID Theft and Employer Verification Hope?“.


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