Judge Stops ID Theft Provision (again)

Initially, the judge blocked the rule from going into effect until this month and has now further extended his injunction (excerpt):

A federal judge has blocked a proposed rule requiring employers to fire workers whose names don’t match their Social Security numbers, dealing a major blow to the Bush administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Under the rule, businesses with employees whose names and Social Security numbers didn’t match would have three months to correct the mistakes or fire the employees. If not, they could face government prosecution.

As I’ve noted in the past, this reaches far beyond illegal immigrants but also helps us to stop other identity thieves (such as fugitives and deadbeat parents) from getting jobs and away from their actions/responsibilities.   There is plenty more about that under the identity theft category.

Fortunately, this is still only a temporary injunction.  Chertoff is fairly confident that the rule will be implemented (read the source article).  Time will tell how motivated DHS and Chertoff are in seeing this through.

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