Pelosi Supports Troops By Cutting Supply Lines (update)

A political move by the left is in play to effectively cut off a large portion of our military’s supply lines in Iraq. The article entitled “Pelosi’s Most Dangerous Ploy” details the strategy. I’ve excerpted parts below but would strongly recommend reading the article.

Congressional Democrats anxious to force a withdrawal of American forces from Iraq are frustrated by their inability to muster a veto-proof majority for legislation that would establish a firm date for retreat. But what they cannot do directly they are now working hard to do indirectly.

According to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey is the transshipment point for about 70% of all air cargo (including 33% of the fuel) going to supply US forces in Iraq. Included are about 95% of the new “MRAP” — mine-resistant, ambush-protected — vehicles designed to save the lives of American troops. Turkey wasn’t always this helpful. In 2003, the Turks refuse permission for the 4th Infantry Division to enter Iraq through Turkey.

Turkey’s Erdogan government has indicated that if the House of Representatives takes action on a non-binding resolution being pushed by Speaker Pelosi, Turkey might revoke our ability to use Incirlik as a waypoint for Iraq supplies.

At issue is the non-binding resolution passed on October 10 by the House Foreign Affairs Committee that labels the 1915-1923 massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire a genocide. Such resolutions can be passed by either or both houses of Congress and are not subject to presidential veto.

But the resolution is gratuitous and Democrats’ timing suspicious. It’s gratuitous because, in 1981, President Reagan referred to the Armenian massacre as genocide in a proclamation commemorating the Nazi Holocaust.

Why, if Pelosi is so committed to ending genocide, aren’t she and Senate Democrat leaders doing something about the ongoing genocide in Darfur or the massacres of protesters in Burma?

The timing couldn’t be worse. Not only are we dependent on Turkey for our principal supply line into Iraq, we are in on the verge of a crisis with Turkey, trying to convince the Erdogan government to continue to refrain from attacking the PKK — Kurdish terrorist forces — that have been raiding into southeastern Turkey for years.

After the House committee vote, Turkish Ambassador to the United States Nabi Sensoy was recalled…

Speaker Pelosi is apparently so intent on forcing an end to American involvement in Iraq that she is willing to interfere in our tenuous friendship with Turkey. When she does, it will be an historic event: the House of Representatives will be responsible for alienating a key ally in time of war and possibly interdicting supplies to US troops.

In other words, call your representative (the top has a rep finder and drop down menu of reps) and ask them to oppose the resolution AND call Speaker Pelosi’s office (202-225-4965 or 415-556-4862 or email) and politely, but firmly, request that she reconsider this unnecessary, destructive political maneuver.

UPDATE: Not good.

UPDATE: Cooler heads prevail?

2 thoughts on “Pelosi Supports Troops By Cutting Supply Lines (update)

  1. Oh man, what bull.

    For someone so constantly critical of the Democrats effort to end the war to blockquote an (entire) article pondering “why the Democrats aren’t doing anything in Burma” is nothing short of idiotic.

    How’s this for a reason: Our short-sighted and foreign policy challenged man-child of a President has us caught up in a war that’s taxing our military beyond it’s capacity, and destroying our reputation with the rest of the world (I know, I know, everybody else is wrong, not us) until we have few allies left, and even fewer countries that will take any sort of advice from us.

    We cannot negotiate in Burma or anywhere in the world as the power we once were under Reagan, Bush, or Clinton, because of? You guessed it, George W. Bush and his war.

    And what is the difference between a non-binding resolution pissing Turkey off and declaring an Iranian guard a “terrorist group” and pissing the Iranians off? In one situation, you get an angry Turkey, and we simply find a new route in with supplies. With the other, we give Iran even more reason to undermine our efforts in Iraq. What a cluster, huh? I agree.

    What we need right now is a President willing to have adult discussions with other serious world leaders, and more educated and thoughtful posting than what you’ve done here.

    Let’s be realistic. For once, huh?

  2. It appears you didn’t actually read the article as I only posted excerpts (maybe you missed the second sentence in my post).

    I’m surprised you can’t see the difference between Turkey and Iran. Turkey is an ally we are bringing in a large amount of critical supplies through. In major operations, supply lines are crucial (this says nothing of the use of Turkish airbases and airspace).

    It may also be worthy to note that Clinton’s SecDef (Cohen) is also opposed to the Turkey resolution as are eight former Secretaries of State (including Clinton’s), among others.

    To sum up your post: “Bush’s fault”. But then again, what isn’t?

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