Letters On Vouchers (Referendum 1)

Sometimes it’s better to let others do the talking, especially when they have experience with a voucher (Private schools accept special-needs students):

I am sick of anti-voucher lies about private schools. I hear their debaters say things like, “Private schools won’t take children with special needs who struggle in school because it will hurt their test scores.” That is untrue and an insult to parents, like me, whose children do have special needs, and who already use a voucher to attend a private school.

Utah already has a voucher program, the Carson Smith Voucher. It applies only to children with special needs, and hundreds of children like mine are using it and getting a quality education.

Private schools in Utah participate in this program, proving that they can and do accept students with special needs.

But why limit the program just to special-education students? Many children without learning disabilities also struggle in school and need another option. Don’t those kids also deserve the best education they can find, too?

Hillary Stirling

I’ve blooged about along the same lines with “Voucher Accountability: The Best Auditor” and “Parents Know Their Children Best (Vouchers)“.

I also stumbled on another couple of letters:
Catholic schools accredited, teachers certified – letter details requirements etc in Catholic schools

Fund public classrooms first – While not voucher related, the middle paragraph is the most interesting and one with which most can probably agree. I think the legislature looked at a bill last year that would’ve mandated a minimum percentage (60%?) of district finances be used in the classroom (including teacher salary) but the bill was opposed by the UEA et al and defeated.


3 thoughts on “Letters On Vouchers (Referendum 1)

  1. I already voted (mail-in ballot). It sure felt good to be on the winning side of a statewide election in Utah. Vouchers are going down, 2-1. Better luck next time…

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