Voucher True or False (Referendum 1) (update)

I saw this on KSL. The article is entitled “Truth Test: School Voucher Ads Deciphered“. I’m only putting in a small excerpt of the article’s lead as the article should be read in full. The video of the report (I think it has more details than the written story) is also available at the above link in Real Player format (it is also available below for those without Real Player). Excerpt:

Surely you’ve heard the claims, arguments and counter-arguments in the barrage of advertising on the issue of school vouchers. Tonight Eyewitness News has the first of a series of reports we’re calling, “The Truth Test.” We’ll examine claims made in advertising on political races, and we’ll do our best to give you the straight scoop.

We think the best way to tell you how to vote on any issue or candidate is to get informed and let you reach a conclusion yourself.

Oh, one last thing, the reporter (Richard Piatt) did a good job getting this information out in a reasonable clear, concise, and understandable manner:

Again, the ultimate argument for me is that vouchers will help fulfill our ultimate goal in educating every individual to their fullest potential (at their choosing). Parents know their children’s needs better than anyone else. We’ve all known kids who’ve fallen through the cracks or just don’t seem to fit into out traditional education system. Some just learn differently than the rest of us. I strongly feel that these kids (and their parents) deserve the option to make the necessary sacrifices (otherwise unattainable without vouchers) to give their child the best shot at success. In the end, I believe that will fulfill societal goals on eduction and benefit us all with a better educated population as these otherwise highly capable kids are no longer lost.

Finally, for what it’s worth, I also heard this comment (from the debates) by Giuliani and managed to find a longer version (with better context) on youtube:

**Just to avoid any confusion, no this is NOT an endorsement of Mayor Giuliani (I’m not dedicated to any candidate at this time).

For more information on vouchers, see my education category.

PS. One last thing, I just can’t resist Oreo cookies. Here’s an extended version of the pro-voucher folk’s Oreo demonstration I stumbled upon. Mmmmm…Oreos….

UPDATE: I should have included this.  This page discusses how the voucher program will work.  It is from the voucher folks site (off the facts page) but is a plain factual look at what is involved along with a small blurb on accountability.  The page also has a link to the original legislation.  Here’s the page: How the Program Works

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