RAP Tax, Transportation (Question 1), more

Despite the title, I’ll keep this brief. If you’re interested in vouchers, please refer to the consolodated post which includes some more updates.


I’ve addressed it several times and would refer you to this link for my opinions/information (scroll past the first post) on it. Additionally, the “arguments against” section of the RAP Tax voter information pamphlet (PDF) is in line with how I feel as well. Finally, as shocking as this may sound, the Standard Examiner Editorial Board is also opposed to the tax and urging a ‘no’ vote. See also: Citizens For Tax Fairness page on the issue.

Transportation Tax

I’ll refer this to the Transportation Tax Voter Information Pamphlet (pdf). I am aligned with the arguments against on this one as well. Enough is enough. See also: Citizens For Tax Fairness page on the issue.

Misc. Local Stuff

North Salt Lake City Council Election – Candidate Scott Briggs has signed the Citizens for Tax Fairness Tax pledge (more at the link) and the city council rejected the RAP tax.

Bountiful City Council Election – Good luck. All candidates support higher taxes, however one (Beth Holbrook), additionally, supports raising your fees for recycling. Chalk that up to voting for the least tax hungry candidates.


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