Aftermath (2007) (Pork Update)

I was planning on getting this done this morning, but as usual the law you can never escape (Murphy’s Law) came knocking on the door. So now I’m posting this late in the afternoon simply because I followed several issues in this election.

First, I’m sure we all know the election results. If you do not, click here for election results by county or here for statewide election results.

Obviously, vouchers were slapped down. Someone mentioned Lonsberry on this blog – I guess he would say Goliath won. I see it as a big missed opportunity (especially for parents with children struggling in public schools with no alternative) and will set us on a tax collision course to fund the upcoming influx of 150,000 students (DCW addresses that). It will also leave us with the ongoing problems of about 45% of students flunking out (20% drop out and 25% fail the UBSCT – Utah Basic Skills Competencey Test) not to mention some of the alarming drop out rates in certain school districts.

Going from the bad news to the mediocre news, the RAP Tax was a mixed bag. Woods Cross soundly rejected it and West Bountiful did so as well, however, they still have some provisional ballots that may change the results (we won’t know until the 13th). Bountiful only passed it by about 200 votes and Centerville went for it, big time. The interesting bit is Woods Cross and West Bountiful represent a massive amount of the commercial tax base for the tax, without these two they will not get much money.

Bountiful and Centerville city councils can move to adopt the tax even though it will not bring in enough to build the theater. If they do adopt it, they have carte-blanche to spend it on whatever pet projects they see fit. Even if RAP passed everywhere, they still would’ve been able to blow the money on their pork projects after the theater were build as I indicated and the Standard Examiner noted. Now would be a good time to contact the councils and ask them not to adopt the tax. We’ll see if the tax hunger continues.

Also, Bountiful dumped Higginson and put Beth Holbrook on the council. That’s an additional tax and spend proponent with the added benefit of her desire to force everyone to pay for her pet project (recycling). It doesn’t look like the intaxication will stop anytime soon.

Ending on the positive, it looks like had a sound effect on the transportation tax. That was defeated. Rocky will soon be gone and while I’ll constantly disagree with Becker, he will make for a much more reasonable mayor and, from all I’ve heard, is a stand up guy.

Take away message #1: contact and keep close watch on the city councils (be vigilant on their RAP tax pork). I’m betting we haven’t seen the end of RAP and transportation tax grabs.

Take away message #2: Watch congress, they continue their pork binge in earnest.

Pork UPDATE: It just keeps rolling in, Congress just can’t get enough.

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