Utah Government and Education Salaries

This is an interesting site that the SL Trib has put up. It lists a bunch of public information (including sex offenders) but also lets you take a look at how much government figures (at all levels) make. I found that the Governor makes less than the a School District Superintendent and a city manager (not Salt Lake) and if you want to make money in education, go for an administrator slot. One thing to note, however, is that I don’t think the figures take into account some of the generous perks (car allowance, pay for sitting on boards etc) that some officials make in addition to their stated salaries (in other words, the figures are probably lower than the actual income from the government position).

Here’s the site: Utah’s Right To Know

Here’s the link to the salary page: Utah Public Salaries – you will have to select criteria from the drop down menus. Also, you can use the map on the homepage to go directly to a county’s salary figures.

The sex offender is portion is pretty good too (especially the map feature).

Have at it.

UPDATE: DCW has a post regarding large salaries for non-profits. People seem to have a problem with them (I don’t). What about large government administrator salaries?

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