Bountiful-Centerville Theater Moves Ahead (RAP Tax)

After pulling who knows how much money together (proponents still have not or will not divulge their contributors and amounts) to get this on the ballot and succeed in forcing everyone to pay for their fun, proponents have finally decided to fund raise.

They are now looking for some initial startup money.

Unfortunately, while it appears, on the surface, that they will ask the community for money, they have, again, turned to government:

Work is moving ahead on funding for the South Davis Regional Theater, with talks to both private donors and the county commission. Centerville officials are also making plans to discuss RDA tax increments and other details that would be involved in the property and monetary donations they intend to make to the theater.

Bountiful and Centerville will also be implementing the tax increase ASAP:

Both Bountiful and Centerville are also planning to officially impose the RAP tax at their next city council meetings, which should go into effect sometime next April.

If you shop in either city, your yearly bills will increase (see the final quote at the bottom) beginning in April.

Obviously, the South Davis Regional Theater will take the bulk of the tax money. Nevertheless the article and the politicians still don’t speak of where or whom the rest of the money will go to.

As always with another special tax, you will need another special board (and another layer of government). Unsurprisingly, guess who will be on the board:

A board consisting of representatives from the Centerville City Council, the Centerville City RDA, and the Bountiful City Council will serve as advisors for the theater, with the SDCAA [South Davis Cultural Arts Association] working as the artistic directors.

Though the group currently consists mostly of representatives from Rodgers Memorial Theater, the artistic board will eventually expand to include representatives from the Bountiful Performing Arts Center and other local arts groups.

This also begs the question: Will board members be paid?

Frequently, these boards are given a stipend and a budget. It would not surprise me if some of the tax money is used for this and/or other board activities.

It is also worth noting that the SDCAA were the Rap Tax proponents and the group formed with the focus of pushing the Rap Tax.  From their mission statement (on the homepage):

Our Mission as members of the newly formed South Davis Cultural Arts Coalition is to serve the greater community of South Davis County by uniting to promote the arts and raise awareness and support for the RAP initiative. Specifically, as members of established Arts groups, we express a unified desire to support and promote the building of a Regional Cultural Arts Center located in Centerville which would serve the South Davis area. We support the RAP initiative which would be necessary to fund this facility and other arts and recreation programs in South Davis County.

Members of the South Davis Arts Coalition

Rodgers Memorial Theatre, Bountiful Performing Arts Center, Bountiful Davis Arts Center, West Bountiful Arts Council, Joy Foundation

Their faq page is dedicated to the Rap Tax as well.

Finally, another warning for surrounding non-Rap Tax cities:

“After all, they’ll still be paying the RAP tax when they shop in Bountiful or Centerville,” said Russell. “Maybe something can be done in the future.” [emphasis added]


One thought on “Bountiful-Centerville Theater Moves Ahead (RAP Tax)

  1. Mayor Russell has a vision to revitalize downtown Centerville yet the new theatre district is on 4th West. Someone suggested we change the name of 4th West to Main Street, then the Mayor’s folly/trolley could go up and down this new Main Street. Shoppers could come to the theatre and then do their late night shopping at Wal Mart before they return home. What a concept!

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