South Davis Tax Update

I don’t have a lot of time right now so this will be very quick:

First, the RAP tax/theater folks will be happy with an infusion of $5 million of your money (this is not Rap tax money at this time, by the way).

Second, the Bountiful Historical Foundation is asking for donations so that they can capitalize on more of your money ($750,000) offered to them.  The $750,000 is a pretty sweet deal that would, likely, be unavailable to others without such close ‘connections’ to local government officials.  That is, several current and former city council members are involved and you’ll never guess who is hosting the beneficiary’s site.  See: City Slush Fund$ (Bountiful) for details and the answer to the “guess who”.

Frankly, the above behavior doesn’t bode that well for use of those uncommitted RAP tax funds…unless you’re part of the club, that is.  Additionally, this isn’t the only question regarding potential conflict of interest I’m concerned about with the RAP tax.

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