Christmas Support For Our Troops

Just a reminder not to forget those who sacrifice so much for us (our military and their families).

I encourage all to donate to a military support charity during the season of giving and gratitude.

There a myriad of reputable choices at America Supports You. Trust me, you will find a charity for our soldiers or their families that best fits you at the site.

Here are a few I like (my own list – I’m not sure if they are all listed at the above link):
Operation Give (Utah based)
Fisher House
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

Again, go to the America Support You link and look through the categories. Heaps of charities are available.

Finally, someone else worth considering is Michael Yon. He’s done a super job reporting from the front lines of both US and British forces. Click the link and take a look at his dispatches. He recently put up a series on the British in the south. I’ve noted before that the British deserve our heartfelt thanks and admiration for their heroism. They are a great, dependable ally.


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