Rap Tax and Pet Projects (Centerville Mayor)

The Davis County Clipper has a spotlight on Mayor Ron Russell. I had been told that Russell’s support of the Rap Tax may be partially tied to his involvement in Rogers Memorial Theatre. I, admittedly, didn’t do the work to confirm/deny the information (and, thus, didn’t say anything about it) but the Clipper inadvertently did so for me:

…Russell’s now-married daughter Taryn introduced her father to Rodgers Memorial Theatre, and Russell utilized his sudden free time to appear in a few RMT plays. He encouraged another son to appear in a play with him and continues to be involved with RMT as the theater’s photographer.

Though that free time dried up after he was elected as mayor, the love of the theater RMT inspired has fueled Russell’s efforts to establish a larger theater that would serve all of south Davis.

I assume that Russell is still the RMT’s photographer (I think the following paragraph refers to his acting carreer). Nevertheless, it appears my source was right. I’ve stated, numerous times before, that the Rap Tax is the type of tax ripe for use for politician’s pet projects, it appears that is the case from the start. That also begs the question: are any other council members or mayors involved with RMT?

Centerville is also planning on using your tax dollars to tell you how great government is.

Ending on the positive: I need to say a “thank you” to the Centerville City Council and the Mayor for this: Centerville to increase military utility waiver

6 thoughts on “Rap Tax and Pet Projects (Centerville Mayor)

  1. I know Ron Russell and he is a very talented man. Did not know he had grease paint in his veins though. Can’t say anyone else in city government is as talented. I have seen our city manager do the shuffle a few times though. Have to hand it to him as this is not always an easy or happy place to work. We do have the best Wal Mart in all of Utah though. You have to give them credit for that.

    Enjoyed your post Utah Rattler!

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