Baby Steps to ID Theft Protection? (Update: In-state tuition for illegal immigrants)

This is a quick post. A very limited ID theft provision has passed the House. It is limited because it only requires State and local governments to use the joint Social Security Admin – Immigration and Customs Enforcement E-Verify Program (see links in “blogroll”). While it doesn’t require government contractors to use the program it is, nevertheless, at least a step in the right direction.

However, even such a limited program is too hard for some legislators to swallow. Some are planning to try to put any such bill into a “one year study bill” and others are trying to entirely stop the subject from being considered at all. This would essentially kill the issue for yet another year, and put everything back to square one. Evidently, even the State thinks it more important to hire identity thieves (fugitives, deadbeat moms/dads, illegal immigrants etc etc) for labor than to prevent identity theft. This is particularly disheartening since children are a major target of identity thieves.

Senator Jenkins has the bill (SB 97) that would push these issues into a study and Senator Stephenson has the resolution (SCR 5) that neither the State nor Governor should act on any issue which involves illegal immigration (this would include any ID verification bill as illegal immigrants are known to be a large market for false/stolen social security numbers).

Recommended action: Contact your Representative and Senator (click here if you don’t know who they are). Politely ask them to support identity theft prevention and identity verification bills and tell them that you expect them to oppose any attempts to place such measures in studies or under the purview of Sen. Stephenson’s SCR 5.

UPDATE: It is also worth contacting your legislators regarding the bill to repeal in-state tuition (which was passed by a House Committee) for illegal immigrants (note: those currently enrolled are grandfathered in and unaffected if/when this passes).  I’ve discussed this before.  To be brief: First, it is unfair to allow those here illegally be granted benefits denied to US Citizens and legal immigrants.  Either you give the benefit to all or to none (other than State residents).  Second, illegal immigrants who graduate can not legally work UNLESS they steal or falsify a social security number (ie commit identity theft and several felonies).  Essentially we’re subsidizing University graduates who can’t work.  Further, a news report I head on the matter stated that some currently enrolled are working jobs to get through school.  Who’s social security number are they using?  Do they understand that they have committed several felonies in falsifying information on Federal forms etc?

I would, again suggest contacting your legislator on this with a similar message in the recommendation.  Frankly, I would ask them to support the identity theft prevention, repeal in-state tuition and entirely oppose both Jenkins and Stephenson’s bills.  It is time for some action on this matter.


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