War Update

This will be really quick (I’m playing catch up). Yon has a good post up. I’ve been meaning to highlight it here, but never found the time until now. It is actually written by LTC. Jame Crider:

Commander’s Update #9 JAN 08

Yon also has a short post up worth checking out:

News Flash: Al Qaeda is on the run

Finally, here’s another good post by Michael where he raises the concern that while things are looking up in Iraq,  we ought not forget about Afghanistan where we (NATO) may be faltering:

News Flash: General Reassignment

It is also worth checking out Michael Totten and The Long War Journal.

5 thoughts on “War Update

  1. I looked at both. The NewsLadder is laden with left wing sources and Ackerman is also very left wing – so much so that even the left wing New Republic fired him (which is astounding, given the Beauchamp fiasco).

  2. The Long War Journal is “left wing”? The Washington Post? Washington Times? Danger Room blog? Military.com? All recently linked to on Iraq Newsladder.

  3. Point taken. I just scrolled through quickly and missed some of them. It still looks like a lot of political-oriented sites with a smattering of independent-objective sites. Probably not my top choice but ok if you’re willing to weed through the links.

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