Forced Recycling Charge Not Dead Yet (Bountiful)

Best continue to be vigilant on this issue.  I was passed along this story from the Davis County Clipper.  The article is titled: “Curbside recycling issue is still alive in Bountiful”.  Unfortunately the article isn’t available on the web.

The good news is that 56% of people who bothered turning in an opinion to recycling were opposed.  This is somewhat shocking to me as these types of ‘voluntary’ surveys tend to favor proponents.  Either word got out or there is a large proportion of the population opposed to such a mandate.

The article also confirms my feelings about this issue (see here too).  That is, that proponents were pushing to force everyone else to pay for their convenience (emphasis added):

Those who voted for implementing the mandatory recycling program tended to be residents who already recycled and were hoping that curbside recycling would offer them more convenience.

As usual this ain’t over yet.  The city council is still going to pursue finding a way to please everyone.  They are bantering about a voluntary program (one which, apparently, failed in the past).  They also noted that the city is trying to provide recycle bins for residents.

Whatever the case, I don’t have much quarell if they do something voluntary where no one else pays but those using such a program.  However, it would be preferable if proponents would go to the recycling companies and work out a mutual agreement.  The fact that such a voluntary program would fall under government control would always bring with it the specter of simply expanding an existing program (back to a mandate) by council vote in a single meeting.

Finally, it will be worth watching for how, specifically, the council will seek to please everyone.  Hopefully it won’t come at a cost to all.

4 thoughts on “Forced Recycling Charge Not Dead Yet (Bountiful)

  1. I don’t really understand the knee-jerk opposition to curbside recycling programs.

    Since our area instituted it (I was against it at the time) I have noticed that the recycling canister is always brimming, and the one headed to our already overspilling landfill is most weeks not even a quarter full.

    I think sometimes we (Utahn’s) are too stubborn and reactionary on any issue the Sierra Club gets behind (do we have to oppose them, even if they are good ideas?), and need a bit of prodding to take responsibility as stewards of the planet. My mind was changed completely once the program was in place and I saw first hand the effects it had on the amount of waste I dumped into the landfill each week.

  2. This isn’t knee-jerk opposition. This is all based on the fact that others shouldn’t be forced to pay for interest group convenience.

    If the recycling fee was voluntary, then you wouldn’t have any opposition.

    I recycle but don’t delude myself that ‘I’m saving the planet’ and don’t think it is right to push my ‘hobby’ onto the backs of others.

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