‘Torpedoing’ ID Theft Measures: State Senators Stephenson and Jenkins

It looks more apparent that State Senators Stephenson and Jenkins are going to do their best to quash any attempts to address identity theft measures, particularly those where illegal immigrants are involved (they aren’t the only ones). Here’s how they plan to do so:

First, Jenkins is pushing SB97 which would shove all legislation dealing with illegal immigration and associated crimes (such as identity theft) into a year-long study. Effectively, it is a legislative maneuver to kill legislation you don’t like but still claim, to your constituents etc, that you do support it (so much so that you want to carefully study it for a year to ‘get it right’).

The problem is we’ve been attempting to deal with this issue for years now. Additionally, the identity theft issue that would be stopped by these bills goes beyond illegal immigrants. Fugitives, ‘citizen’ ID thieves, deadbeat moms/dads (avoid wage garnishment) etc also engage in this crime. By quashing employer ID verification requirements, similar to those enacted in other States, legislators are protecting felony criminals and those who hire them for the reduced labor costs etc.

Second, Stephenson’s resolution (SCR5). Is cloaked as a call for Congress to enact immigration reforms. Sounds good right? The devil is in the details (emphasis added):

urges all components of state government to work to ensure that any efforts to effect immigration laws, or laws related to Utah’s workforce that impact immigration, be deferred until Congress passes immigration reform.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor urge that all components of Utah state government work to ensure that any efforts to effect immigration laws or laws related to Utah’s workforce that impact immigration be deferred until Congress passes immigration reform pursuant to the principles stated in this resolution.

Stephenson’s resolution specifically urges that nothing be done with respect to workforce laws (especially those which may affect ‘immigration’) and urges Huntsman to oppose such measures (which Huntsman will be all to pleased to do, judging by his past record).  These workforce laws include employer (even if the State is the employer) identity verification of prospective employees.

In both cases, the result is to stop meaningful identity theft protection, particularly for children, via employer required identity verification through SSA-ICE’s free, rapid response program.  The result is a nice shelter in Utah for the aforementioned criminals and an enhancement of Utah’s magnet on illegal immigrants.

Senators are well informed on this issue and, obviously, have placed priority on cheap labor.  This issue has been around for years and is well studied.  It is time for action.

Call your Senators (Senate: 801-538-1035) and ask them to oppose these bills and support employer identity verification measures.


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