Tax Funded College Education for Illegal Immigrant Prisoners

HB 86 would provide funding for “existing inmate postsecondary education”. The bill, however, failed to exclude illegal immigrant inmates. Fortunately, Representatives Herrod and Sandstrom caught the loophole and proposed an amendment to address the problem.

Lets take a look at who voted against the amendment on the House floor (Republicans are in bold):

Biskupski, Bowman, Brown, Chavez-Houck, Cosgrove, Draxler, Duckworth, Janice Fisher, Hansen, Hemingway, Hendrickson, Hunsaker, Johnson, King, Litvack, McGee, McIff, Menlove, Morgan, Moss, Painter, Riesen, Seelig, Shurtliff, Wheatley, Wiley

These legislators believe it is appropriate to use your money to proived a college education to criminal illegal aliens. Apparently, breaking immigration law and then committing a felony is worthy of an education on your back.

Ending on the positive. The amendment did pass and here is the list of those voting for the amendment:

Aagard, Allen, Andersen, Barrus, Bigelow, Bird, D. Clark, S. Clark, Daw, Dee, Dougall, Dunnigan, Julie Fisher, Froerer, Garn, Gibson, Greenwood, Grover, Harper, Holdaway, Hughes, Hutchings, Kiser, Last, Mascaro, Mathis, Morley, Neuenschwander, Newbold, Noel, Oda, Ray, Sandstrom, Snow, Sumsion, Tilton, Urquhart, Walker, Webb, Wimmer, Winn

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