Illegal Immigration Humanity: The Ignored Victims (Update)

One of the greatest ignored victims of illegal immigration are those who’ve had their identities stolen. I’ve discussed why illegal immigration and identity theft are interrelated (plenty of background links in that post as well) – they need the SSN to work (and get credit lines etc). Unfortunately, children are the prime targets of this type of identity theft.

On Sunday, the Standard Examiner ran an editorial that the legislature needed to be more humane in their handling of State illegal immigration measures. The editorial focused only on the illegal immigrants and entirely ignored their victims. This isn’t the first time the media has chosen to ignore those impacted (see this response to a similar 2007 Editorial in the Park Record). From the Standard’s editorial:

Early last week, the Immigration Policy Coalition held a news conference at the Capitol. Its members include the Utah Manufacturers Association, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Utah Farm Bureau, and the message was a plea for gaining knowledge before taking action. Speakers argued against “onerous” and “burdensome” mandates to businesses that might be employing undocumented workers.

The Immigration Policy Coalition is urging passage of Senate Bill 97, sponsored by Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City. The measure would create a task force to study the various issues related to immigration policy and enforcement, and make recommendations.

First, the task force idea is a sham. We’ve been dealing with this subject for years and now is the time for action. The task force is simply a political ploy to kill the subject but give legislators the ability to spin and say they ‘addressed’ the issue this year.

Second, the Utah Manufacturer’s Association et al. have a complaint about “onerous” mandates. The proposed mandates they are referring to is employer identity verification using SSA-ICE’s E-Verify system. The system allows an employer to verify that their new employee is providing a legitimate SSN and not one that has been stolen. The system is web-based and, as I understand, returns a result within 15 seconds. Further, this system protects against all identity thieves (not just illegal immigrants) – fugitives, deadbeat parents, and other ID thieves will find it much harder to obtain employment. Additionally, such verification has helped capture fugitives such as the “King of Child Porn”. The only onerous part of these mandates is that the manufacturers and their cohorts will find it harder to employ cheap illegal labor (be it a fugitive or illegal immigrant) at the expense of our children’s identities.

Additionally, what about those people from Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tibet and the myriad of countries who don’t have borders attached to ours? These countries are typically much poorer and more oppressed than those bordering us. Those peoples can’t just run out across our border and that’s unfair. Why are we, effectively, only catering to those who have the greatest access – we ought to cater to all and make it fair.

Ultimately, the editorial and these calls for humanity are asking us to turn a blind eye to the victims and to our laws. That is not something most of us are willing to do, as demonstrated by the 2007 amnesty push. This issue has been around for years and the federal government has failed to address it and will, in the foreseeable future continue to avoid addressing the problem. In the meantime, our children’s identities (as well as our own) continue to be compromised. It is time to take action. As such I would urge folks to call the Senate (801-538-1035) and ask to leave a message for your Senator (Legislator lookup). Ask them to support Hickman’s SB81. While most employers are left our, the bill will mandate government and it’s contractors to verify employees identities before giving them your tax money. The bill will also revoke certain tax funded benefits and allow ICE’s 287(g) to be implemented.

Finally, I’ve noticed more services are available to check your and your children’s SSN to verify no one else is using it. I would highly recommend doing so. One service I’ve used is UCOURTS and have been quite satisfied with it. I haven’t tried any others thus far to comment on them, however. You may also click here for all my posts involving identity theft.

UPDATE: As I stated, the Feds will not be tackling the problem anytime soon: Hatch, Bennett: No federal immigration changes in sight:

Utah’s U.S. senators told the Legislature on Tuesday that changes to federal immigration laws won’t occur until after the next president takes office — and possibly longer.
“I think the prediction it may be as long as five years is probably true,” Bennett said.


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