HB 241 – Illegal Immigrant In State Tuition (Action Needed)

Here’s another bill worth calling the House Leadership about.

First, HB241 (Repeal of Exemptions from Nonresident Tuition) will, actually, NOT repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. However, it would require them to sign an affidavit stating they will not gain employment or earn income while they are in school unless approved by the US Government (ie the US grants legal status).

The reason for this is that those who get a job must use a stolen Social Security Number and commit several felonies (falsified identity, government documents etc). The bill attempts to address the ‘compassion’ issue by allowing them to get in-state tuition but also prohibits beneficiaries from victimizing others by stealing their identity in order to gain illegal employment.


The House must ask the Senate to vote on this bill. Call 801-538-1029 and ask to leave a message for Representatives Greg Curtis, David Clark, and Gordon Snow.

Ask that they, as House leadership, request that the Senate address and support HB 241 (specifically Senator Dayton’s substitute).

You may also email each member: gcurtis@utah.gov (Speaker), dclark@utah.gov (Majority Leader), and gsnow@utah.gov (Majority Whip).

I still don’t consider the bill to address the fairness issue but it is a step forward as it, at least, addresses the identity theft issue.

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