Fugitive Job Protection

South Salt Lake’s Most Wanted has been captured. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, illegal immigrants are not the only one’s who steal social security numbers and engage in identity theft for work. Fugitives do so as well. Yet another example:

Police say Barnes got a job using a family member’s identity. She is also accused of other identity theft crimes and has more than $200,000 in warrants.

The Legislature finally passed a bill that begins to deal with requiring employers to verify the ID of those they hire using the free SSA-ICE E-Verify program. However, that bill was limited to businesses who contract with the State and was delayed until 2009 by pressure from Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the illegal immigrant (including businesses using that labor) lobby. Several other states (such as Arizona, Oklahoma, and Colorado) require verification by all employers. There is also the possibility that Governor Huntsman may veto the bill and that the legislature will gut the bill in the 2009 session.   At least, contacting Huntsman’s office (801-538-1000) and asking that he sign SB 81 would be a good idea.

In the meantime, fugitives, deadbeat parents, illegal immigrants etc. can comfort themselves that Utah will remain a friendly state for them to find work by victimizing someone else’s identity (especially children, as they are the prime target of ID thieves).

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