Shocked: State of Utah Using E-Verify (Update)

First, Governor Huntsman actually signed SB 81 which will require the State and State Contractors to use E-Verify on their new hires beginning July, 2009. Again, I’ll remind you that this law will require very careful attention in the 2009 legislative session as it will be a non-election year and legislators will be tempted to gut the law to please the pro-illegal immigrant lobby and cheap labor donors. Frankly, you can count on no opposition of such a move by Gov. Huntsman.

Now for the shocking stuff. I’m certain this started very recently, but am not sure on the actual date this was implemented (look at the bold red lettering below the “Sort Open Jobs by” box):

Utah State Job Verification

Looks like identity thieves will find it much harder to get a State job (in the Executive Branch). Same can’t be said of regular jobs in Utah, yet. I assume the Governor ‘okayed’ the policy shift. Hopefully this is a good sign for the future…

PS – Don’t forget this is an election year – this may be exerting a temporary influence on the Governor and Legislators. We’ll see how long E-verify is used.

UPDATE: I was informed that the State has been using E-Verify since October and is very pleased with it, thus far. Also, the assumption that Governor Huntsman approved of its use may be wrong, this may have been an administrative decision by the personnel department. Whoever decided to implement this – kudos!

Finally, this ONLY applies to State hires.  Contractors who receive tax/State money can still hire illegal workers until July, 2009 (IF SB 81 isn’t tampered with next year).


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