UTA Has It’s Way With Davis County (tax increase)(Update)

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) went to the legislature and our taxes have been increased as UTA desired, like it or not:

Davis and Weber County residents will pay the 0.05 percent sales tax earmarked for the Utah Transit Authority beginning July 1. Following a Council of Governments meeting last week in Sunset, Davis County Commissioner Bret Millburn said the decision was taken out of the hands of commissioners during the recently-completed legislative session, when it was determined that the intent of SB 245, passed in 2007, was that residents of any county in the state with transit systems would pay the 0.05 percent sales tax.

NOTICE: Read this post before reading further!

Did the County Commissioners oppose this power grab by the legislature ala Real Stadium deal?

In both cases the legislature took the decision from the governmental jurisdiction (the county) and those most effected by it (county citizens).

This may be nothing more than another political ‘washing of hands’ we’ve seen before. Commissioners can claim the decision was taken away from them while quietly offering no opposition in an attempt to avoid culpability. Based on the following statement, I doubt Commissioners opposed the power grab:

Millburn added [referring to meetings with UTA], “I believe growth took place on both sides. Through the hours of sessions, I believe it developed in a way there was parity across the board.”

In the meantime, it looks like another sunny day for a tax-subsidized business.

Background: Davis County Commision Going Wobbly on UTA Tax?

UPDATE: Please see the link provided in the comments for proof that Davis Commissioners were, knowingly complicit in this tax increase.

MAJOR UPDATE: See Big Retraction: Davis and Weber Commission (UTA Tax)


5 thoughts on “UTA Has It’s Way With Davis County (tax increase)(Update)

  1. Thanks for the link. Note: anyone going to the above link should click on the “continuation” link for the rest of the article as well as to be able to read the portion of the article dealing with Commissioner Millburn’s statement.

    I wouldn’t count on much disagreement on this issue. Many of the disagreements would most likely be on how much further to go with tax increases. We need Commissioners and representatives etc. who are willing to sign no-tax pledges like that of Citizensfortaxfairness.org. But I’m not holding my breath on that.

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