Government raises prices in Centerville, Bountiful, and Davis and Weber Counties (Update)

First, there’s the Standard Examiner’s “Lipstick on a pig” editorial regarding the tax increase in Weber and Davis counties for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). One thing, in particular, struck me. I thought the tax increase was on non-food items. Evidently we’ll be seeing taxes on food (and food costs) increasing:

…the Legislature re-imposed the 0.05 percent sales tax on unprepared food — the grocery tax — to fund Utah Transit Authority operations in Davis and Weber counties.

UPDATE: Correction:  Davis and Weber Commissioners do NOT bear responsibility (click link for details on who is) for the tax hike as indicted.  The rest of the post, is however, correct regarding all the taxes imposed upon us.

The food tax is a regressive tax that impacts the poor proportionally more than others. We can, primarily, thank Davis and Weber County Commissioners for the increase they are trying to avoid taking responsibility for.

Second, the RAP tax kicks in this month (I think it started on April 1 but I’m not positive). Centerville and Bountiful residents now have the pleasure of being forced to subsidize live theater fans’ ticket prices and mayoral or city council pet projects. In other words, prices at Bountiful and Centerville stores just went up. Those in West Bountiful, Woods Cross, and North Salt Lake will remain the same.

Third, Bountiful residents also get to see power bills increase, unspecified cuts in power services, and the city maintain its $2 million transfer to itself via the covert power tax.

Ultimately, Bountiful residents get a governmental tax-and-spend hat trick (UTA, RAP, and the power tax) but all will see costs of goods increase as retailers charge the tax(es) and pass the power costs onto consumers.


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