Some Action on Criminal Illegal Immigrants

I recently noted that criminal illegal aliens in our prisons have access to tax funded programs including a GED which then gives some of them access to the in-state tuition benefit at our Universities.

It looks like ICE is going to make it harder for them to use that benefit IF the ICE prison sweeps continue. The SL Trib has a report on the enforcement program (Immigration cops comb jails for criminal suspects in country illegally).

Along the Wasatch Front and in southwest Utah, immigration agents visit jails almost every weekday looking for immigrants who have been arrested by local police. And the patrols are gaining new emphasis.

In March, immigration agents announced an expansion of the jail program, including improved technology to record fingerprints in a database and alert authorities when a previously arrested immigrant is again booked into a jail.

The jail patrols also demonstrate a priority for immigration enforcement. Rather than seeking every undocumented immigrant or making frequent raids at workplaces, federal agents are concentrating on immigrants accused of breaking the law after they arrive in the United States.

The article also has a UC Davis professor who doesn’t like the ICE sweeps give the obligatory “immigrants commit fewer crimes than the native-born population” quote. Of course, that statistic includes (or is exclusively related to) legal immigrants. The professor also seems to fail to comprehend that illegal immigrants have committed at least one crime (illegal entry or violating visa requirements) and likely, have a few more under their belt related to identity fraud if they happened to have a job or applied for a job in the US.

While ICE deporting those who have committed additional crimes is good, we still have a porous border where many can reenter (such as Mr. Escudero-Gonzalez, convicted of drunk driving and drug possession, who is highlighted in the article), if they so desire and, potentially, qualify for in-state tuition.

Finally, an information request (again): If anyone knows of any written rule on how high school attendance is verified by Universities for illegal immigrants applying for the in-state tuition benefit, please pass it along. While I’ve been told that they look at high school transcripts, I still can not find any written policy requiring the verification. If left solely to the State Code (which appears to leave verification to the administrator’s discression), a simple verbal “yes, I attended a Utah High School” could suffice for proof of meeting the requirement.


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