Farm Bill (HR 2419) Fiasco – Take Action Now

Rarely do you get much of a second chance when Congress has already passed a bipartisan pork-laden bill. Thanks to the Democrats screwing up (see the link) we have a second chance. The Farm Bill is going to have to be voted on again. In the last round, Republicans rejected conservative values and voted for the bill. Now would be a good time to remind them of the principles they, supposedly, believe in. HotAir has good background (use the links) on this one (A second chance for Republicans to act rather than talk):

…The GOP wants to carry the mantle of clean government and small government, but majorities of Republicans in both chambers voted for a farm bill laden with pork projects, corporate welfare, and farm subsidies that make no sense in a market where food prices have risen significantly.

Memo to the GOP: we don’t believe your rhetoric any longer. Oh, conservatives still want an end to corruption, a reduction in the size and scope of the federal government, and spending discipline to go with lower taxes. We just don’t believe that many elected Republicans want those goals, nor do we think that current Republican leadership has any real commitment to them, either.

Want to dazzle us? Want to start rebuilding your credibility? Then stop talking and start taking action…

For the record, Utah Representatives Cannon (R) and Matheson (D) opposed the bill and upheld the veto. Call both, thank them and encourage them to continue to oppose the bill, in the current form.

Surprisingly, Representative Bishop (R) voted for the bill and did not vote when the veto override vote came up. Bishop has, typically, been a good conservative and I’m not sure what his thinking was on this. The non-vote on the veto may mean he’s changing his mind. Politely contact his office and ask that he oppose the bill.

For those outside of Utah, here are the voting records on the bill: Initial passage vote and veto override vote.

General contact list or, if you are unsure who your Representative is, use the form at the top left of the House site.

Utah Representatives
Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT 1st)
Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT 2nd) – phone contact information is at the bottom of the page.
Rep. Chris Cannon (R- UT 3rd)


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