Watch Your Wallet: West Bountiful RAP Tax

As I had warned, the West Bountiful Mayor and special interest groups are going after your money.  Come November, there will be a ‘do over’ on the rejected West Bountiful RAP Tax.  The Mayor and City Council recently decided to, again, stick the tax on the November ballot.

Certainly, rather than using their own money to fund their hobbies, proponents will likely blow thousands in November to get the tax passed and force everyone else to subsidize their fun.   That subsidy is expected to add up to $275,000 per year.  That is $275,000 taken from local area citizens (including those on fixed incomes) during an economic downturn and rising costs on staples.  That is $275,000 taken from potential local economic stimulus and dumped into government programs benefiting certain, special groups and projects (particularly those favored by local politicians).   The tax will also amount to a cost increase in goods purchased at West Bountiful stores.

The above linked article also mentions that Bountiful and Centerville Mayors are continuing to push for even more tax funding for their theater.  Why not just ask those who use it, or are interested in it (or donating to it) to provide the funds rather than forcing everyone else to pay more for it?

Finally, I’ll repeat this warning: The West Bountiful Mayor’s tax lust may not be over yet as he is eyeballing a mandatory recycling fee.

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