Recycling Monkeywrench (Bountiful)

The Davis County Clipper reports that the recycling opt-in program in Bountiful is far from a given.

The first problem is that the company proposing to conduct the curbside pickup is requiring an increase in the minimum number of homes to participate.  That isn’t too suprising and shouldn’t really be a big deal as it is a minor increase.  Further, if proponents are concerned at the relatively low number of interested participants, it only goes further to indicate the lack of support for the project they tried to force everyone else to pay for.

The second problem is that Rocky Mountain Recycling (RMR) is proposing a $30,000-$36,000 fee for the recycling bins in Bountiful.  If they are serious, the city will have to choose to pay the bill or ditch the bins.

If RMR does push this issue, I would suggest the city ditch the bins.  In my opinion, RMR is doing this for two reasons:

1. RMR is doing this as a punitive measure for Bountiful picking one of its competators for the opt-in program – though, while possible, this seems like an unlikely, poorly considered reason.

2. There is no viable market for the several of the products collected at the location and RMR is seeking a de facto government subsidy.

I think the second reason is the most likely.  There is a somewhat decent market for paper (depending on its use) and aluminum has always had a pretty good market as well.  That is why those products are paid for by vairous firms while they require you to pay for the removal other products.  As someone put it – “if you pay for it to be taken away, it’s garbage”.  Bountiful already has a garbage service, I don’t see any reason to pay thousands a year for a second one.

Further, I doubt RMR’s bins would be severly missed.  Paper can be recycled at a plethora of locations (businesses, schools, and food banks…), plus those entities are paid for the service.  This is a good way to help a food bank or school (or business) get some extra revenue.  Aluminum can also be given to the scouts (or other groups) for fund raising OR you can get some money for your aluminum, if you so desire.

I also found this interesting (in the article): “[Councilwoman Holbrook] subscribes to the Rocky Mountain curbside service…”  I was unaware RMR had a service in the area. This begs the question: if the service is already available, why all the commotion over a service at all?  Maybe RMR didn’t do a good enough job of marketing the service but that isn’t my problem.  Rather than try to force everyone to subsidize a service benefiting the few, why not place the effort in promoting RMR’s already existent program?

Finally, since RMR does have a curbside service in the area, maybe that lends some credence to the first point – they may be experiencing some sour grapes on this issue.

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