Catching up on Iraq Progress (Afghanistan Warning)

It has been a long time since I’ve posted any update so this will be a big, mostly chronological, catchup consisting primarily of links.  Also, again, check out the military support links on the right (especially America Supports You) for plenty of donation opportunities guaranteed to match your preferences.

Iraqis attack al-Qaeda stronghold (Diyala) (Watch for Iranian and Iranian-backed, aka Hezbollah, interference)

A Shiite Militia in Baghdad Sees Its Power Wane (Sadr)

Analysis: US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost

Mr. Obama in Iraq – Washington Post questions Obama’s spin on his Iraq trip.  I would also suggest looking at the HA commentary by Ed Morrisey, especially given Michael Yon’s comments on Afghanistan (see below).

Success In Iraq – Yon explicitly states that the war has ended.  I think we can still loose if we leave the Iraqis hanging through a arbitrary, precipitous withdrawal, especially with Iran still looming around (Yon also provides a caveat in his dispatch as well).  Additionally, it will be worth watching the Diyala operation as Iran is likely to be heavily involved in attempting to distrupt it.  Yon also provides yet another word of warning on the largely ignored front by the media and politicians – Afghanistan needs to be addressed and those on the ground are optimistic that we will succeed there as well, if we desire to do so.  By the way, his “The River” series is a great view into the Myanmar junta’s ‘response’ to the catastrophe (WARNING: the series contains some disturbing images).  Michael Yon also has put up a new dispatch where he, briefly, discusses the war in Iraq being over and the Iraqi government as compared to others.

AQ shifting focus to Afghanistan (again, need attention there! but also shows they are giving up on Iraq as their main front)

Sunnis Formally Rejoin Maliki Government (yes, that is a big deal)

Iraq: We could take over security by years end

Iraqis lead final purge of Al-Qaeda

Video: Mullen tours Mosul, Sadr City (Admiral Mulling walks through the, previously, incredibly dangerous area where any US troops was considered a provocation and gunfire was essentially assured)

UAE to cancel Iraq’s $7 billion debt

Hezbollah said to train Shiite militiamen in Iraq (see previous comments on the Yon post and the Diayala operation)

Awesome: Iraqi Shiite TV network runs PSA blaming Iran for violence (must see – read the post to spot the imagery that Iraqis will pick up on but other would miss)


9 thoughts on “Catching up on Iraq Progress (Afghanistan Warning)

  1. Time to bring the troops home.

    Sure, as soon as we finish the job.

    As noted in several articles (and by Yon) the government needs some more time (especially with Iran and terrorists still readily happy to take advantage – especially with Iraq’s oil resources available to fund their activities) and we are provide critical air support for Iraqi forces.

  2. Good luck with that. I’m all for a parade and our troops deserve it but I’m also certain they won’t support one until they are finished. It would be an incredibly hollow parade if, at the same time, the budding Iraqi nation disintegrated into a home base of terrorism thanks to an ill conceived withdrawal for the sake of a parade.

  3. I guess you know that the Green Zone Government of Nouri al-Maliki is on record telling us to end the occupation of Iraq.

    Jim Hightower said it better than I can: “I think receiving an invitation from the Iraqis to depart is a grand opportunity. Let’s declare “mission accomplished,” shake their hands, pack up, and head home.”

  4. Both have issues have been extensively discussed and aren’t a topic of this post. I stand by my comment you are welcome to your “glass is half empty” drumbeat on the subject.

  5. You’re saying we’ve achieved victory in Iraq, yet the occupation forces still can’t redeploy. That’s not an optimistic view.

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