Centerville: The Recycling Monopoly Commeth

The Bountiful City Council recently shoved a government-mandated monopoly down residents’ throats, now Centerville  Mayor Ron Russell and City Council members are considering the same (from a print Standard Examiner Article):

“Personally, I’m in favor of moving forward on this,” Mayor Ron Russell said of recycling plans.

“I’m guardedly leaning toward mandatory,” Councilwoman Sheri Lindstrom said after reviewing ACE’s program costs.

Councilman Paul Cutler has publicly been pushing for a citywide program for some time…

It sounds like the fix is in and yet another special interest group will force everyone to pay for their convenience.  It also sounds like ACE Disposal will be granted a government-endorsed monopoly if this goes through.

However, Centerville citizens still have a chance to speak out and attempt to put pressure on their Mayor and Council.  There will be a City Council meeting on the issue on September 16 and an ‘open house’ on October 7 (of course, letters, phone calls and emails can be sent to them at any time).

For more information on the forced recycling sham feel free to check out some of my posts on the recycling  issue.

I would also warn Centerville residents not to fall for the opt-in program gimmick.  It was, rapidly, proven to be a ruse (here too) for the council to require participation without public comment when the public’s attention is diverted.  I would suggest vigorously opposing any recycling program where government (especially the Mayor/City Council) has any involvment, no matter how small it may appear.


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