Heads Up Centerville: Recycling

An open house is scheduled on October 7th at 6 PM.  I preceeds the city council meeting where public comment will be taken.  If you oppose mandatory recycling you better turn up or write the council with your opinion at: recycling@centervilleut.com ASAP.  For one thing, the article discussing this brings up a warning:

…when something seems like a good idea, it’s always smart to make sure there are people who agree with you.

The article also states:

Currently, the mandatory program seems to be the most favored approach…

The council will be certain to invite proponents and stack the deck in favor of a mandatory plan.

Be prepared to vigorously defend your position and I strongly suggest opposing even a voluntary program with any government involvement whatsoever.  Take it from the Bountiful example, the idea that government will honor the voluntary part is complete BS.

During the open house and the council meeting it would also be wise to raise the question of why the council deems it appropriate to create a government-mandated monopoly which forces proportionally higher fiscal burdens on the low and fixed incomes (it is a regressive fee) during an economic downturn.  Also feel free to peruse through the Bountiful case (click here) for further background on this subject and opposing viewpoints.  Basically, I don’t have the time to rehash them all over again so you’ll need to to a few minutes of reading.

Finally, one last note.  The article states:

Mandatory recycling programs are much less expensive…

That is complete sophistry.  It costs the community much, much more than a voluntary program and even on an individual level, it will, proportionally, cost the poor and low/fixed income much more than others.   It is like going to the store and buying a 100 boxes of almost expired granola for $100 rather than a couple of boxes for $5.  Individually, the 100 boxes cost less, but you just got taken to the cleaners.

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