Call Rob Bishop on Bailout NOW! (Update: Votes)

This will be quick.  Rob Bishop is going wobbly on the bailout bill and needs to hear from you.  Matheson is firmly opposed to the bill (thank you Matheson), while Cannon will, likely support the bill.  Here is Bishop’s contact information (be polite but firm):

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT 1st)
Phone: (202)225-0453
Fax: (202)225-5857

For additional information on the bill (including the pork), its alternatives, and what got us into this mess, follow this link.

It would also be helpful to call some of the other Congressmen who are sitting on the fence.  A list can be found here (scroll down a bit).

UPDATE: Bishop and Matheson voted NO (call and thank them), Cannon voted YES.  Also, on Wednesday both Hatch and Bennett voted YES.  Here’s the full vote record from the House.  We’re rollin’ the dice!

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