Illegal Immigrants and Heroin in Bountiful

For what ever reason, the Clipper story entitled “Strike force arrests illegals” is not on their website (or I just can’t find it).  Here is an excerpt (emphasis mine):

[Lt. Allan] Swanson couldn’t say how much heroin was involved because with four apartments, most of it was flushed down the toilets before being confiscated by law enforcement.

He said the raid “disrupted” sales of heroin in the area, but added that when such large arrests are made, within a matter of weeks, another group of illegal immigrants arrive on scene to pick up the trade.  “Hopefully, it won’t be to our area next time,” the lieutenant said.

He said several of those arrested have been deported previously, and one of them has been deported seven times.

The revolving door at the border strikes again.  Fourteen illegal immigrant dealers were busted along with the apartment manager.  The next problem Bountiful (and adjacent areas) faces is that there is a nearby demand for heroin that needs to be addressed, otherwise, another group will (probably has) set up shop in the area.

It would also be nice to know if any identity theft had occurred as drug rings frequently engage in it as a supplementary “business”, particularly where illegal immigrants (who need and provide a large market for false identification) are involved.

2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants and Heroin in Bountiful

  1. I think I’ve pointed this out here before, but are you asserting that this is the first big heroin arrest in Utah, and that if our borders were completely sealed, no such arrest would occur again?

    I seem to remember you asserting a year or so back that rape was worse when it was committed by someone with brown skin and no papers, as well.

    There are plenty of reasons to address our borders and our immigration system, but the faulty logic behind arguments like the one you make here is not one of those reasons.

    Xenophobia is still a phobia, which – by the definition of phobia – is a fear not grounded by rational thought or logical connections.

  2. And like the last time, I told you to find where I made such an assertion (you’ll note that the article says nothing about nationality). Only one person is making assertions about skin color here and it isn’t me. Go play your race card elsewhere. It will not be tolerated here.

    Your attempt to use false race outrage to intimidate those who disagree with you into silence is old, worn out and despicable.

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