Davis County Commission: Holbrook and Petroff

Just a brief set of links a couple of which (the second and third links) will irritate the “good old boys network” within the Republican party.

First, is a small article on both candidates to look at is Commission: ‘Change’ vs. status quo.  Take a look at it for an overview.  One spin tactic worth watching, however, is Petroff’s assertion that his city grew from “6,000 to 12,000 residents, taxes have stayed constant.”  That shouldn’t be shocking as the new residents brought in additional funds for the city through their taxes and the doubling could have produced and economy of scale and taxes should have been reduced, if that occured.

In terms of taxes, Holbrook is much more conservative than Petroff as demonstrated in the link below.  The endorsement may be surprising to some.  I recommend reading the entire statement (hence no excerpt) as it covers much more than just the tax issue:

…[Mortensen], co-founder of CitizensForTaxFairness.org, has endorsed J. Dell Holbrook (D) for Davis County Commission

Finally, since I was reading the clipper for the first story I also ran across another endorsement for Holbrook by Mel Wilson (Republican Davis County Prosecutor – I think he retired about four years ago).

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