Election Lock and Load

This warms my heart (video at the link too):

Many gun owners in the Salt Lake Valley are stocking up on more weapons…Concerned gun owners are packing gun stores in the Salt Lake Valley.

For those looking to get a firearm, a couple of suggestions:

1.  Decide what the firearm’s primary purpose will be.  This will significantly influence the type of firearm you purchase.

2. Read up on and try out several guns.  There are pros and cons to every firearm and everyone has their own opinion.  Also don’t hesitate to talk to the various gun store clerks as they are knowledgeable (if you can, talk to someone who owns the gun – they will be happy to share their likes and dislikes).  It is also worth looking into accessories and options available for the firearm, should you so desire, as they can influence the versatility of a firearm (this is heavily dependent on suggestion 1).

3.  Go to the range as frequently as possible.  Think about training as well, depending on how you plan on using the firearm.  Several good training programs are around.

4.  Enjoy.  Marksmanship is a fun, yet relaxing sport.

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