Respect For Male Cheerleaders

Yeah.  This is totally off topic for this blog but I stumbled across this and was blown away.

I’ve heard folks deride male cheerleaders in the past.  Even at the lower levels, it’s uncalled for and most of those doing the mocking couldn’t come close to doing the job.  While I wasn’t a cheerleader (I played the one of the sports being cheered) I was always impressed by the talent exibited on the ‘sidelines’.  You gotta give credit where it’s due and both cheerleaders involved in this deserve it.  The cartwheel stunt about midway through is incredible.

He’s got a lot of strength, she’s got serious guts (maybe a bit of insanity too) and both have some serious coordination:

Amazing.  There are other videos with other cheeleaders doing similar moves.  While all are great, the above seemed to be the smoothest and worked the best together.  “Props” go to them and all those willing to risk it in this sport.


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