Obama Authorizes More Tax Money To Increase Abortions

In case you missed it on Friday, President Obama, by executive order,  approved more funding via USAID for abortions in foreign countries.  The President signed it on Friday afternoon in an effort to avoid attention on the issue and avoid the media immediately picking it up prior to the weekend news cycle.

Despite having the financial problems we are having and massive debt we are (and will be) accumulating, the government and President seem to think that we have plenty of money for promoting infanticide in other nations.

When I first heard the announcement, I remembered China accessing this funding (via the UN) to help fund forced abortions in furthering their “one child policy”.  Unfortunately, my memory did not fail:

The Bush administration had barred U.S. money from the fund, to contending that its work in China supported a Chinese family planning policy of coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization. UNFPA has vehemently denied that it does.

The UNFPA can deny all it wants but, despite the years that have passed,  I still remember the stories put out by various human rights organizations as well as mainstream media outlets (I think NBC had an excellent piece as well) on China’s use of the funding.

The CatholicVote.org has an excellent web ad that makes one pause and think:

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