The 2009 Utah Legislature And Illegal Immigration (Identity Theft)

This is just a simple reminder that elements in the legislature are attempting to dilute the illegal immigration provisions from last year’s SB 81.  The efforts to dilute it include attempting to stop or limit the requirements for the State requiring contractors (receiving your tax money) use e-verify to ensure that their employees are not identity thieves.   The provision only applies to the State and contractors and not to businesses in general, as several neighboring States require.   Apparently some in the legislature feel it is fair for State contractors to hire those who have stolen identities from children etc.  That is a particularly interesting position given that illegal and/or criminal workers (such as fugitives) can and will displace legitimate, legal workers during and economic downturn and increasing unemployment.

How does that apply to illegal immigrants?  As stated by the Utah Attourney General, they are the biggest sources for identity theft, particularly, for employment purposes (click here for a simple explanation).  However, as the AG notes (see first link), identity theft is not limited to employment; mortgages and other debt are also obtained under the stolen identity.  One other important point to note, is that SSN identity theft is not limited to illegal immigrants.  Deadbeat parents and fugitives also use such measures in order to obtain employement and loans etc.  Requiring the use of e-verify would practically end SSN-only identity theft and virtually eliminate the theft of children’s identities.

I would urge you to contact your legislators (Senator and Representativeclick here to find them).  Ask them to oppose measures that would dilute the effects of SB81 and support measures that would protect identities, specifically, measures requiring the use of e-verify.

For a listing of posts related to identity theft, click here.  Posts related to illegal immigration can be found here (note: there will be some overlap).


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