Clearing Misconception On HB208 (Illegal Immigrant In-State Tuition)

***UPDATE: Vote has been here for details***

I’ve seen a few reports in the media regarding HB208 –  Modification Of Exemption From  Nonresident Tuition.  For the most part, they have done a relatively decent job of discussing the bill.  Unfortunately, I have also seen some reports couldn’t seem to grasp what HB208 does.  To set the record straight, I would suggest you read HB208, particularly the underlined portions (those are the changes the bill makes to the current rule).   It is a short read (a couple of short paragraphs) and pretty clear and understandable.  In layman’s terms, here is what the bill does:

Any illegal immigrant currently qualified for in-state tuition will be required to sign a statement stating that they will not work during the school year they are receiving the taxpayer-subsidized (discounted) tuition.  If they violate that agreement (ie lie), they will be ineligible for the in-state tuition in the future.

Why do we care if they work?  It’s simple: they can not work here legally with a reputable employer unless they commit identity theft, perjury, and, likely document fraud.  Click here for an example of identity theft for employment (including real-world cases).

I personally don’t like the in-state tuition provision as those in the country illegally are given a benefit other legal US citizens and immigrants are ineligible for.   At least this bill requires them to not victimize others (through identity theft for work) while they receive a discounted eduction at taxpayer expense.

The only problem I see with the bill is it is limited to the year they are in school.  That means it doesn’t preclude them from committing ID theft for work and then returning to school the next year nor preclude them for doing so after they graduate.

Ultimately, I, tepidly, support the bill as it is a step in the right direction and makes sense.

Parting question:   Universities and colleges typically require a social security number for enrolment.  Who’s SSN are they using to enrol?


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