Utah House Representatives Vote To Support Illegal Immigrant Identity Theft (HB 208)

Some things can be stunning but bring clarity to a situation and where one’s priorities belong.  For the Utah House, that came yesterday in a vote on HB208.

As I’ve explained, HB 208, entitled “Modification of Exemption from Nonresident Tuition,”  would have required that illegal immigrants receiving the in-state tuition benefit pledge, in writing, not to obtain work (which requires the use of identity theft, perjury, and document fraud) while they receive the benefit.  The provision was limited only to when they are getting the in-state tuition and not before or after (ie they could go ahead and commit work-related ID theft anytime before or after they receive the benefit and still be eligible for the in-state tuition.  If you don’t believe me read the bill yourself.

Note: Illegal immigrants must use identity theft in order to obtain employment due to identity requirements we should all be familiar with when we accept a job and fill out the I-9 form, among others – you need your Social Security Number, some forms of ID etc.  Illegal immigrants do not have legal forms of such.  Click here for an easy explanation and real-world examples, if you need to.

Now for the clarity.  Those who voted against the bill clearly knew what they were voting against.  They chose, without a doubt, to explicitly allow illegal immigrant students to commit identity theft and continue to receive a taxpayer-discounted education rate at our universities unavailable to US citizens and legal immigrants.  They have taken a very clear stance on who’s side they are on.

They will claim compassion drove them to do so.  Then, where is the compassion for the victims of the identity theft which are, predominantly, children?

For the Davis County area, here are our pro-identity theft legislators (they voted no):

Sheryl Allen – North Bountiful: 801-295-8576, email
Becky Edwards – South Bountiful, North Salt Lake: 801-554-1968, email, blog
Kevin Garn – Layton: 801-544-3533, email

Click here for the full vote record and click here to find your Representative.

Since they have chosen to preserve that illegal immigrant students work when it is hard for legal residents to find work and even if it means victimizing a legal resident or their child, ask your Representative if they will set-up, administer, and contribute to a fund to pay the illegal immigrants so they do not work during their university career.  After all, that’s the “compassionate” thing to do.


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