2009 Senate Thinking Of Stopping SB 81? (Illegal Immigration)(Update)

UPDATE: The bill failed in committee, for now.

I have been told that Senator Patricia Jones’ SB 113 has been let out of committee.  SB113, titled “Delayed Effective Date for Illegal Immigration Legislation” would do exactly what it says.  It would delay the implementation of last year’s SB81, and, more likely, effectively kill SB81.

I had warned about this type of move by a non-election year legislature.  Although SB 81 only holds small steps (note my warning there, too) towards addressing identity theft and illegal immigration, certain legislators and their illegal immigrant and illegal labor-using lobbies would still like to stop the bill.  This should come as no surprise, given the recent vote on accepting identity theft for students using our tax-funded Universities.  Despite, legal US workers being laid off of their jobs and having trouble finding another, some legislators seem to think it is more important to protect illegal workers ability to obtain work etc, even if it means ripping off another’s identity.

Contact your legislator (especially, Senator – (801) 538-1035) and ask them to oppose SB 113.  If you are not sure who your legislators are, click here.

2 thoughts on “2009 Senate Thinking Of Stopping SB 81? (Illegal Immigration)(Update)

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  2. you bet this is a no brainer, but this isnt just in Utah.In all of the “red” southwest states:Nevada,Arizona,California too the big businesses who own the politicians have mades it clear who works for who.This is basic economics there are 15 million American out ) in the USA. So every illegal who gets the adios is a job for an American and legal resident. Now the greedmongers want to make “hate” claims,but it is their hate for working Americans is why they are displacing Americans with wage slaves who wont complain when their check is shcrt and certainly they wont organize (unionize) THEY CAN’T THE UNIONS DONT TAKE MEM
    BERSHIP FROM ILLEGALS. Now the bloodsucking varmints who
    condone the illegals will blog like crazy to stop anyone who opposes their diablolical plot to eliminate Americans from the job market.Theyll say its partisan, its the liberals ( sorry folks I am a democrat and I oppose the illegals being here and want to prosecute the companies that hire them and the landlords that give them refuge)REagan,Bush and Clinton allhelped to exacerbate the problem-the answer is clear PROTest and demand our politicians stop lining their pockets with the profits made by hiring illegals and let them know on the steps of the capitol with men and women and picket signs that we have had enough-BAstante getit got it good

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