The Utah Legislature’s Priority: Protect Illegal Immigrants

Usually, a legislature’s priority is to defend the Constitution and serve its citizens.  In Utah, we’re “progressive” and beyond that outmoded line of thinking.   Our legislators are here to defend and protect those who have broken our immigration laws and have a higher propensity to steal legal residents’ identities.

More proof of that came yesterday when legislators killed another set of bills – HB 334 and HB 262.  The bills would have required a valid drivers licnese in order to register a vehicle from a private sale.  Driving privilege cards are only valid for driving as further defined by 2008’s HB171 – HB334 only clarified that, as a deficiency in statuate was believed to exist and the other (HB 262) required you to actually be here legally to obtain a business license.  It appears that, during this economy, legislators would prefer to protect an illegal workforce’s ability to establish businesses that compete with legal labor.

Click the following for the committee votes on HB334 and HB262, but note: the “yeas” killed HB334 as the votes were for holding the bill while the “nays” killed HB262.

Regarding HB334, Representative Mascaro (and, it appears, Representative Janice Fischer) focused on wanting to know if the bill would “target illegal immigrants”.  Bit of a lame question as illegal immigrants are, the biggest group using the privilege card,  however, others who wish to hide their identity do so as well.  Nevertheless, it shows where their priorities stand.

We have a definite pattern during this non-election year and it should not be forgotten for 2010.

3 thoughts on “The Utah Legislature’s Priority: Protect Illegal Immigrants

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