Centerville Recycling Update (Warning To Farmington)

A real quick update.  Centerville is finalizing plans for a mandatory recycling program with a possibility of opting out.  Thus far, they haven’t worked out how folks will opt out of the program and time will tell if they even allow it or pull the same stunt as Bountiful and just require everyone to shut-up and pay for the small curb-side recycling interest group:

At their March 17 meeting, the Centerville City Council instructed their recycling subcommittee to move ahead with creating a specific curbside recycling proposal for the council to consider and potentially approve at a future meeting. Though no official decision has been made, the mixture of opinions presented at the evening’s public hearing seemed to lean toward the opt-out plan as a compromise.

“We feel, as do many of our neighbors, that the proposal has merit but should not be mandatory,” wrote residents Dean and Janet Harris as part of the e-mail comments included in the hearing. “If there are citizens that want to have these items picked up, they should pay for that service and not require others to subsidize such a program.”

…“Within one mile of this building there are places to recycle paper, cardboard, metal and plastic bags,” said Centerville resident Ron Freeman. “If you don’t know where they are, you haven’t done your job.”

The article also acknowledged that schools would lose funding from their recycle bins due to the program.

Centerville residents should continue to call the city council on this issue – you still have time.

Now a warning to Farmington residents.  Your city is also jumping on the recycling bandwagon:

During its last city council meeting, Farmington City officials discussed the possibility of adding a recycling program to their city, similar to Bountiful’s, and are leaning toward a voluntary program.

…The problem most residents voiced was having a mandatory program. “mandatory is unacceptable,” said one text response.

Bountiful and Centerville had similar responses during their discussions on curbside recycling. Bountiful eventually went with a mandatory program.

Farmington residents: Don’t fall for the “voluntary” line.  Take note of what Centerville is leaning towards, and even the opt out provision (if available) may still require a fee.  In Bountiful, it was used as a ruse to get the program in place and as soon as everyone’s attention was turned the city council made it a mandatory program.

There are other problems with recycling programs as well, besides the collapsed recycling market and raising costs during a slow economy.  Click here for a listing of all posts on the issue (learn from others’ experience).


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