The Davis County Commission and Pole Dancing (plus Recycling)

Here is a good illustration into why government shouldn’t be involved in projects best left to the private sector.  Your tax money at work:

County officials are surprised an adult fitness competition they agreed could be held at the Davis Conference Center is actually a pole-dancing event.

Now commissioners want to know what exactly will be displayed at the Miss Pole Dance Utah competition in May and if the competition is actually adult entertainment in disguise…

…Millburn went to the Web site in hopes of learning more and said he “is uncomfortable of how (the event) is advertised.”

…The event rules won’t allow contestants to wear G-strings, thongs or see-through outfits; tops must cover the woman’s entire breasts; and bottoms must cover the entire buttocks.

Go to the link for further details on the event before making a decision on the nature of the event.  I’m guessing Millburn was reacting to the “fetish” notation on the website in his concerned reaction.

It also appears that others aren’t happy that the event will be held a the county-owned conference center.

I have a lack of sympathy for those who supported such government projects and are unhappy with the event.  This simply demonstrates why such projects/facilities should be left to the private sector.  A private firm would have the freedom to accept or reject the event at this point, it is much more difficult and emotional to do so with a publicly run facility.  Obviously, this won’t be the last time a tax funded project ends up in controversy – remember, we also have RAP tax funds various groups will have access to.

That said, I went to the website and read the entire article.  It may not be my type of exercise and I wouldn’t take a child to the event, but they appear to be adhering to decency standards that wouldn’t violate State laws.  In the future, it would behoove sponsors to be a bit more forthright regarding their event (it does seem they were intentionally vague when they booked the center).

Ending on the positive (Recycling): County Commissioners demonstrate the proper way to use recycling by contracting with Green Fiber to garner $15/ton for the county.  Good job.


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